ART-A Art weekends in Antwerp

ART-A Art weekends in Antwerp


Synergy in the Antwerp Art Trade

Two weekends

30 November – 1 December 2013

7 December – 8 December 2013

Open from 11h till 19h.

Opening / Saturday 30 November from 11h till 21h.

“A journey of discovery into the world of fine arts, antiques and design”

Antwerp has always been a merchant city and a major centre of the fine arts. In the sixteenth century, the port thrived and trade burgeoned: most of Europe’s exotic goods, spices, precious minerals and oriental porcelain passed through Antwerp. It was a meeting point for the whole world. The art of painting flourished and talented furniture makers, ébénistes, gilders and carpenters worked overtime to manufacture the famous Antwerp art cabinets for the European elite.

The Antwerp of today is still, in essence, that very same centre. This is especially true during ART-A, when art lovers, collectors and people with an eye for exceptional objects come to- gether and embark, as it were, on a journey of discovery through two thousand years of art history. The third edition of the new-style ART-A promises to be bigger, more varied and more beautiful than ever before.

The ART-A event is the joint initiative of Ant- werp-based dealers in ancient and modern art, antiques and design. The first edition took place in 1978 and, since then, the art weekends, which traditionally take place around late November and the first weekend of December, have become one of the art-loving public’s most eagerly antici- pated events. With the theme of art – in the broadest sense of the word – it has grown into a comprehensive event in which quality, original- ity and authenticity come first. This year, the antiquaries and art dealers have jointly – and in close cooperation with a number of leading galleries in contemporary art and design – pro- duced the third edition of the new-style ART-A. The emphasis is on contradictions. Let yourself be surprised by the ambiance and tasteful sur- roundings in which the event is presented, both within Antwerp itself and the surrounding areas. And unlike a museum visit, during ART-A you can actually purchase your favourite objects, enjoy them in your own home and make them part of your life.

Dick Graaff
Chairman Antiquairs Antwerpen
Coordinator ART-A